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“Gay” Clip from The Howard Stern Show

I’m in the airport right now, going home from NY. Just saw the little clip about gay marriage. Man, we had a really long, good interview and that is the one minute they pick?! Ok. I guess his “people” thought that was the most controversial and would bring in hits. Where’s my long, in-depth monologue where I looked right into the camera, and told people why they should NOT vote for Obama next month? I listed facts and book references. I hope Howard Stern posts that….soon.

I assumed our interview was LIVE and unedited. So far, there are 2 lies about me in his little blurb on his web site. I did not “have trouble adjusting to the volatile atmosphere of SNL,” those are his words. And, my book did not “repeatedly note which Hollywood power-players are Jewish.” I don’t know where he got that. I only mentioned Lorne’s real last name because I thought it was a great surname for a man in comedy, “Lip-o-witz.” Lip. Wit. Talk. Jokes. Get it? I never mentioned anyone else being Jewish! I guess Stern is sensitive about that and read it into the book, although I could tell he hadn’t actually read the book. His producer must have made that talking point up and handed it to him!

Here is an example of how the LEFT, LIBERAL MEDIA lie or slant by omission. They took that one minute about “gay marriage” out of an over 30 minute interview, to post on the Internet, to define me. I never think about “gay.” Howard brought it up so he could get hits!

Editing is where the power lies. Culture warriors! If we want to make our voices heard, I guess we all need to become editors. Hopefully, I can get a video of our entire interview and address every lie or editing slant. (since this post, the unedited version is posted! YAY! link here:

I quoted II Timothy 3:16 in our interview, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.” When is that part gonna air?! Did he leave that in?!

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  • jesusistruth3

    Victoria, keep on opening your mouth wherever the Lord opens the doors, your voice is being heard, and you are bolder than any preacher out there!!! You have been uniquely called into the kingdom for such a time as this!!!

  • Gary

    So wait: you make a conscious decision to be a guest on the Stern show, knowing full well what you’re getting into, and now you’re upset he posted a video of what YOU said? And BTW: as best I can tell, Stern didn’t edit your words to distort the point you were making. You chose to go on his show. You chose to give the answer you gave. Perhaps you might want to re-think your outrage, Vic. Personal responsibility and all that stuff…

  • Chana Vowell Keefer

    You did great, lady. You are aware that sticking your neck out is likely to get your head knocked off on occasion. I’m just so proud that you keep on speaking out. Hugs.

  • Roy

    You go, girl! Nice job speaking the truth, Victoria!

  • Underdog

    First, I thought you did a GREAT job and backed up everything you said and nicely side-stepped Howard’s attempts to turn the conversation towards vulgarity.. As far as the clip goes, HowardTV does this to every episode. They cherry pick a minute long clip to entice people to subscribe, so I guess the staff felt this clip would generate the most interest. As far as mischaracterizing your words on the website, yes they DID do that. Anyways, congrats on a great appearance.

  • Underdog

    And yes… they DID air your interview in full over the radio and on the subscription “HowardTV” service. No edits. All scriptures and evidence against Obama intact. :)