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Marine Argues Free Speech in Court

Now that a Socialist is the Commander in Chief, things in the military are changing.  Should the military obey a commander-in-chief who is “the enemy within”?  No.  So, what’s he to do?!

Sgt. Stein, a  nine-year member of the Marine Corps, says he started a Facebook page  called Armed Forces Tea Party to encourage fellow service members to  exercise their free-speech rights…

Sgt. Stein said  his statement about Obama was part of an online debate about NATO  allowing U.S. troops to be tried for the Koran burnings in Afghanistan.  In that context, he said, he was stating that he would not follow orders  from the president if those orders included detaining U.S. citizens,  disarming them or doing anything else that he believes would violate  their constitutional rights…”

Rest of the story is here.


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