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Video: Victoria on Hannity

As you can see from Youtube, I did not label this “Victoria Steals the Show.”  Someone I’ve never met did. They posted it, so here it is.  I don’t know how to tape or Tivo anything.

How did I end up on Hannity?

I called the Hannity show and offered my services. I told them that I knew there was a shortage of conservatives coming out of Hollywood and that although I wasn’t “hot” right now, Oscar-speaking, I could represent the minority of show biz types who think the “right” way. You see, I am no expert at politics, but I care. Like most of my Tea Party patriots, protesting the government is all new to me. But, someone has to do it.   In 2008, I looked around waiting for the middle aged people to do something about this “soft dictatorship” we are experiencing and realized….I am ‘the middle aged people!’   Yikes.   I better stop screaming at my T.V. and get involved.   So, I did.

At the end of the Hannity show, I hold up a Bible and wave it. It looks thinner than a Bible because it is actually a leather bound daily devotional, but it was the only Scripture I had near me, since I’d just flown in to NY from LA and it was in my suitcase.  It was a gift from my dear friends, the Michael Hill-Kirkland family at Regent University.

Hannity is an awesome man; true to his wife, good to his children, always kind to his opposition, immaculately groomed, and even his shoes were shiny.  Before the show, I looked in his eyes and said, “I’m really worried about our country.”  He looked back at me and gravely said, “So am I.”

Sometime during the experience, Hannity shouted to his producer that I should be his “fill-in” when he goes on vacation.  I’m still waiting for the call!   Although, I could not fill his shoes.

The other two Great American Panel guests stared at me strangely before, during and after the show…like I was some alien from outer space. I guess they’ve never watched SNL before.   Although Bob Beckell seemed “hard” on me on the air, he asked me to speak to his son on his cell phone after the show in the green room. He was very friendly and said, “My son loves you!” You know that Bob Beckell’s brother is a conservative. I guess some people get it and some people just don’t!

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