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Video: “The Atheist” March 18, 2007 TBN

I need to find a better audio version of this. I was reading the lyrics off of a paper because I had just written the song. It was inspired by seeing Julia Sweeney’s play, “Letting Go of God,” about her journey from Catholicism to Atheism. My husband and daughter attended with me and my daughter said, “Mommy, it’s like a testimony, but the opposite.”

Julia was very gracious to me after the play. We hugged and she said,”You’re the only person from SNL who would come to this.” In an L.A. newspaper she said that although we have different ideas, she respects my devotion to what I believe in. I tried to answer her Bible questions via email.  But we’d always come to a stalemate.  This frustration led me to write this song. 

She thinks there are contradictions in the Bible. I think there are none. For example, she says Genesis has two creation stories! To me, it is obvious that one account is an overall account, and one highlights specifically the creation of man and woman.  She mentions Lot as an example of a contradiction.  I see the Lot story as simultaneously historical fact and lesson on God’s judgment and grace toward man’s sin.

 I don’t think she’s ever had good Bible teaching.  Her Catholic priest told her that the Bible is a metaphor not fact, not God’s Living Word.  She has studied more with atheists like Michael Shermer than Bible scholars like John McArthur.  We should pray for her and other atheists.

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